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Published Date: 14-01-2020 | Author : Innovsoltech

When It Comes To The Technology Industry, Innovsoltech is the Next Big Thing To Watch

Innovsoltech is an American brand, based out of Silicon Valley that is disrupting the technological industry. They are a software product company focused on developing and selling Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Conversational AI platform. Through their softwares they address the challenges that businesses are facing globally, such as being able to perform repetitive tasks faster, quicker and improve operational efficiencies.

Innovsoltech offers the world's first Cognitive Automation Platform with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Natural-language understanding (NLU) that comprises of a robotic process automation (iRobo) and Conversational AI ( that has natural language processing and understanding (NLP and NLU) capabilities and API driven automation. They propose automation over voice and chat, API driven automation, automation on cloud, NLP and NLU service, and speech to text and text to speech support.

For 22 years, the CEO of Innovsoltech has been in the industry as a software engineer trying to change the way people and businesses embrace digital transformation through cognitive automation and artificial intelligence. The product they have created is the only one of its kind that has an ability to provide RPA and Conversational AI in one platform with NLP and NLU support.

Through the services they offer, they help businesses reduce cost so that they can focus on innovation and growth to better serve their customers. Businesses need smarter next generation alternatives to attract, serve, and retain their customers twenty-four seven without any human intervention, and this is where Innovsoltech comes in.

The biggest challenge at Innolvsoltech was building the right team and getting the investor to believe in the idea and the product. Developing this product and platform over the span of two years without a single cent of funding and without any investors or any debt also proved to be challenging.

However, at Innovsoltech, their only fear was to not live up to the expectations of the people who have believed in them. That is why mindset plays such a crucial role in their everyday work. The team at Innovsoltech is committed to the cause and have the determination and will power to make a difference in people’s lives.

In April 2020, Innovsoltech will launch iRobo and Their next objective is to find investors to grow their business across the globe – especially in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Their goal is to expand access to cognitive automation to every business in the world. By doing this, Innovsoltech is changing the technology industry.


Source : NBC-2

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