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iRobo is the combined application of Robotic Process Automation (software robots) and Artificial Intelligence. A platform that can pull numbers from invoiced PDFs into accounting software or process insurance claims—the mindless, repetitive and tedious tasks that in every business, so that our intellectual capital can be invested in supervision and Innovation.

It uses the technology to script and model the interactions a human would normally have with a software application, in order to allow a software robot to automatically execute them. The applications which can be automated can appear in many forms, such as desktop applications, websites or even mobile applications.

The strength of the iROBO platform lies in the combination of A Software Robot, which can perform repetitive tasks with an razor-sharp precision in incredibly short time, Cloud Enabled Command Centre and Flow Designer to design and manage workflow. With these three parts, automation of processes becomes easier to assemble, view and design. They give you the complete overview of your digital and human intervention in a process and the interactions between them. iRobo is Cloud ready.


Why iRobo?

cost reduction

Cost Reduction

Reduces overall processing cost for manual transactional business processes.

better customer experience

Better Customer Experience

Increasing service quality up to 100% accuracy rate while decreasing delivery time.

Improved service delivery

Improved Service Delivery

Minimizing manual intervention, errors and work duplication thus increasing capacity.

Rapid ROI

Rapid ROI

Introducing very fast ROIs- within months instead of years due rapid speed of automation.

Non-invasive technology

Non Invasive Technology

RPA doesn’t require any major IT architecture changes with the underlying systems.

Eliminate Repeat work

Eliminate Repeat Work

The new army of virtual FTEs takes over the repetitive, non-value added tasks performed by humans.

Enhanced Processes

Enhanced Processes

Improved governance and compliance, process and disaster recovery. Boost in the overall productivity.

Insights and analytics

Insights and Analytics

RPA provides in-depth logging and reporting through reporting tools by providing visual dashboards.

scalibility and flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

Once a robot is trained, additional robots can be deployed quickly for either no extra/minimal cost.

Recommended iRobo Adoption Strategy


Strategy and Roadmap

Align and develop strategy on corporate or functional level.


Opportunities Assessment

Assessment of RPA potential, organizational maturity & Prioritization.


Proof of Concept

Implement test installation and validation of business case and RPA potential.


Roll out & Production

Implementation of RPA and continuous support and development.

Key features of iRobo platform

  • It is an intelligent and user-friendly RPA solution. It can be deployed where APIs are not a solution due to time or technical limitations.
  • The built-in recorder function makes it easy to automate many different manual processes.
  • It has its own built-in RPA recorder enabling automation of all/part of a process. Eg. Transfer of data from one system to another.
  • It imitates the "manual" processes that a user goes through across applications through user interfaces, APIs, Web Pages, OCR etc.
  • It supports both attended, unattended and hybrid approaches to working with software robots.
  • It is a web application where users can see which tasks are automated, and which ZenBot is running, has quit and is on hold.
  • The user can also initiate various tasks via the app and see the status of the task.
  • It allows to grant access rights to the users for the rest of iRobo platform.
  • It is cloud enabled and allows the the user to access all features on mobile or computer devices.
  • It is cloud enabled and allows the the user to access all features on mobile or computer devices.
  • A robust workflow engine that connects systems via APIs directly in the cloud or on premise at will.
  • It makes it easy to create workflows across systems, physical devices and people. Workflows can then be changed agile as needed.
  • It enables efficient and robust processes to be created and identified sub-activities that can be optimized or fully automated.
  • A workflow-based approach of managing business logic gives clarity on all current and upcoming tasks.
  • It is cloud enabled and allows the the user to access all features on mobile or computer devices.


The shift in business paradigm to focus on customer satisfaction has become important. Consumer experience reigns supreme as organizations are vying to provide top notch services across platforms and the banking sector is in the fray as well. Banking institutions are grinding hard to excel in customer satisfaction, be it in the department of contact centres or back office procedures. Automation and human resources are working in perfect amalgamation with the automation handling most of the routine tasks and leaving critical thinking and judgement for human evaluation. Robotics Process Automation has come on top to act as a crucial piece in pursuit of business supremacy in the banking industry.


Technology has evolved from being just a useful tool to a necessity that fuels the interactions and transactions between global businesses and their clients. Organisations in the insurance sector have benefitted from this technological revolution greatly as RPA governs the processes to serve multiple interaction points and deliver the best experience.

  • Quote Generation
  • Application capture
  • Rating and Pricing
  • Policy Issuance
  • Cancellation
  • Management Reporting
  • Notification of Loss
  • Claim Entry
  • Operations and Reporting
  • Notification of Loss
  • Claim Entry
  • Operations and Reporting
  • Generate insurance premium invoice
  • Track account receivables
  • Multiple integrations within accounting systems
  • Generate billing period reports
  • Notification of Loss
  • Claim Entry


Technology has empowered today’s customers with an abundance of choices. The same applies for their selecting their preferred communication services provider too. The ever-decreasing consumer attention span has made companies emphasis, even more, the true value of converting prospects into ‘loyal customers’. Businesses are not only using technology to deliver the best services, but also they are trying their best to transform their customers’ experiences.

Cognitive automation can play a crucial role in providing differentiated customer experience and digital transformation for Global telecom service providers. Following are some of the areas in the telecommunication industry where iRobo can play a very important role in better service, delivery, cost reduction, and operational efficiency –
Fulfillment | Assurance | Network Management | Billing | Back office and | Customer Service